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Character Creation

Char gen is d20 3.x (meaning 3.0 dnd but with some of 3.5's updates. assume 3.0 and I'll change any thing as needed).

Create a character of 4 levels. Character level 1 must be a level of the NPC class EXPERT conform. Tweak character design to coform to the following:
●Expert: max out six skills at first level. Each representative of a different Face of Creation(see RELIGION below). All natives take their first level as an Expert.
●All Classes: select two in-class skills that provide a dedicated focus for fulfilling a role in society. These are your Bonus Skills. You have one rank per character level for free in your BONUS SKILL and may not change them once selected.
●Cleric: all beneficent domains are available but the two chosen must both be ascribable to the same facet of the Creator (see RELIGION below). You must select a variant of Turning which is appropriate to your domains. Standard undead turning is available to domains of Sun, Life and Protection.
●Wizard: Specialists only. Must chose another barred school(s) and reduce their non-specialty spells per day by another 1, but gain +2 more spells per day of their specialization school.
●Monk: At any level, may substitute the special power gained for +1 caster level of Cleric.

The Creator is the one source of order, it was the Creator who gave form to chaos and it is his Aspects that sustain the world. Honor to the Creator is given through worship of the worlds grand design and through structuring ones inner creative urges. These urges towards creation are all Aspects of the Creator, a different face of that divine inspiration. These faces of creation are known as: The Crafter, the Caretaker, the Protector, the Provider, the Facilitator and the Fascinator. What the church does not discuss or recognize are the six opposing Aspects of Chaos. Those faces are Destruction, Slaughter, Suffering, Famine, Confusion and Deception.

If you can't write paragraph form we ahve a problem. One paragraph on each living or dead family member, no more than three on yourself, at most one per important non-family member (your comanding officer, an important friend). All characterizations of NPC's will remain constant and become DM property. If you have a role in mind for an NPC in your background state it up front and I will remain true to it.
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