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Setting Information

Land of the Lake Edge
Theocracy with a parliament from among the landed nobility. Once each child reaches ten years of age, the government determines which career path they will take as their Primary Focus. Citizens are encouraged to also partake of a Secondary focus to broaden their understandings and indulge in hobbies for which they did not have Creator granted talents.
Within the forests along the western edge of the great Lanhymer lake and the foothills east of the same lake. The nation straddles the confluence of 2 large rivers near the western boundary of the Copper Mountains southern reaches.
Apprenticeships are open to all who request them. Past a certain point journeyman status is assigned by the state via their officials (clergy in cahoots with the master tradesmen etc)Voice On High: A commoner can access any courtier style skill for those 4 ranks... but would have to have some sort of connections before they were approved to continue as journeyman Voice On High: that’s the real world politics clogging the ideal function of the system Voice On High: after a coming of age party each year each family will be notified by a master tradesman that they have spoken with all the tradesmen your child has apprenticed under; and this specific tradesman has taken on your journeymanshipVoice On High: so if you are interested in something you can do it - if you show interest in something you suck at (stat of 7 or something) then your family and the tradesmen involved dissuade you Sage Dragonne: *grins* I gotcha.. Voice On High: so whichever 1 skill of those six they settle on as 'appropriate' will likely be one where you have the highest aptitude (stat) as well as the master likes you AND is appropriate to you and your family (greased wheels and social norms)
Considering the stability of the country and the fairly upscale standard of living there are only about 5% of the population who are halfling. Their inherent restlessness can cause problem with the stayed perspective of the majority. There is not a particularly high or low occurrence of elven touched in this country, 5% being a good estimate. There are also about that many (5%) Dwarves either living or visiting in the area at any time.
All natives have at least one level of Expert, many never change this class. Clerics are unusually common, as compared to other nations where the class occurs. The commonality of Clerics has even given rise to special Monastic orders who train within the church itself and focus on the body as an expression of the Creators mind. Wizards are no more or less common than elsewhere – generally Transmutation or Evocation. Most military personnel multi-class Rogue and Ranger with a bit of Fighter.
The Creator is the one source of order, it was the Creator who gave form to chaos and it is his Aspects that sustain the world. Honor to the Creator is given through worship of the worlds grand design and through structuring ones inner creative urges. These urges towards creation are all Aspects of the Creator, a different face of that divine inspiration. These faces of creation are known as: The Crafter, the Caretaker, the Protector, the Provider, the Facilitator and the Fascinator. What the church does not discuss or recognize are the six opposing Aspects of Chaos. Those faces are Destruction, Slaughter, Suffering, Famine, Confusion and Deception.
Lanhymer’s societal structure of organizing the lives of individuals to best serve the common need is the governmental process of the current era that most closely resembles that of the original Lankhmar Empire – from the glory days when it officially covered all human habitation of the new continent. The theocratic dogma was a later addition and is probably the reason the process survived the implosion of the Empire after the Slithereen Wars.
During the first several hundred years since that implosion the nation of Lanhymer struggled to establish and maintain its identity and sovereignty. Having firmly established that, as well as a presence as a major trade center, they have begun casting an eye outward. Once you’ve achieved a harmonious stability the next logical step is to encourage it in your neighbors. The easiest ways to do that is assimilation, either through occupation or subjugation.
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