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All threads are to maintain a single thread pr each character. You will post to the community and from that point forward your characters interactions with the GM will be contained within that thread and that thread alone.

If PC paths cross the GM will begin a new Community Level Post. Each player involved will make an entry in their Characters Thread containing a Hot Link to the new Community Level Post. This Hot link will follow the form of:
Follow My Character to a Multi PC Thread

When PC paths split apart the GM will post a final post to the group thread using HotLinks for each character so that readers and members may Hot Link -back- to that PC's Individual Character Thread:
Follow this character to it's solo thread

Postings are to include Player Character motivation and intent. In the case of die rolls being needed the GM will perform all die rolls using character data for PC's and NPC's both. Ask for clarification if needed. GM will post 'GM voice' contained *in these symbols* and all other NPC voices will be written in quotations as in a novella
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