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lanhymer's Journal

Lanhymer, Land of the Lake Edge
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cityscape rpg in d20 setting, solo games with organized overlap
Lanhymer: Land of the Lake Edge, a quasi russian imperialist state in a fantasy RPG setting using d20 rules.

Theocracy with a parliament from among the landed nobility. Once each child reaches ten years of age, the government determines which career path they will take as their Primary Focus. Citizens are encouraged to also partake of a Secondary focus to broaden their understandings and indulge in hobbies for which they did not have Creator granted talents.

Lanhymer’s societal structure of organizing the lives of individuals to best serve the common need is the governmental process of the current era, the theocratic dogma is a later addition. Having firmly established a natinonal identity, as well as a presence as a major trade center, they have begun casting an eye outward. Once you’ve achieved a harmonious stability the next logical step is to encourage it in your neighbors. The easiest ways to do that is assimilation, either through occupation or subjugation.

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